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Welcome to City Developments Update We’ll be showcasing the progress , on site at various major and minor buildings being constructed or refurbished in Cape Town. With regular image and progress updates, in one place, stop by and watch the rise of cranes and the rise of our City! Contributors:



All coming soon. City Illustrations by knolc. They are also found at the MyCiTi Civic Centre bus station.

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  1. Living on the Fringe

    Hi Andre, do you by any chance know any details on the Progress House construction on Buitenkant Street? Next to Four Seasons. Do you know how many floors it is going to be? Thanks!

  2. andre_wessels

    Hi. Apologies for only responding now. I have no details on this development at all. I’m trying to find details, but it can be a challenge sometimes. I’ll update here with details if I find any.

  3. citywalker_ct

    Hi Living on the Fringe. Finally have an answer on the mystery development. It’s a new
    residential development called The Oracle and will consist of 8 floors. The residents of Four Season directly facing this development have filed an application in the Western Cape High Court to halt the development as it will be blocking their view. Here’s a link to the article:

  4. Jewels

    Hi there it would be good to see the final result i.e. when the buildings are completed too. I love this site on progress and development !
    Well done !

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