100 ideas for better transport in Cape Town

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During Transport Month 2013, we would like you, the public, to share your ideas to change, fix, transform and improve transport in Cape Town. Should our streets should be designed with more pavement space or a high speed train from Stellenbosch or how about a transport hub in Khayelitsha? Your bold, small, crazy and less crazy ideas are welcome and we will be sharing them at our website.

At the end of month, we will collect and review all your ideas and share them with Mayoral Committee member for Transport, Brett Herron, and MEC for Public Works, Robin Carlisle.


Twitter: Use the hashtag #CapeTransportIdea

Facebook: Post at our Facebook Page, starting with “Better Transport Cape Town” and/or tagging it with #CapeTransportIdea.

Web: Share your idea in the Comments section of this page

E-mail: emma@futurecaptown.com or rouen@futurecapetown.com

Public Spaces: Watch social media to find out where we have sent team members to collect better ideas for Cape Town

IDEA 1 : One class for all rail commuters 


IDEA 2:  Wider pavements


IDEA 3:  Bicycles on trains


IDEA 4:  West Coast fast rail link

IDEA 5:  Bus service from train stations 

  IDEA 6:  Late night transport

  IDEA 7:  Ban taxis




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