Fieldworker Club

Are you a student in any area related to urbanism and looking to gain work experience in the field?

Fieldworker Club is Our Future Cities’ new initiative established to provide South African students with paid work experience, mentorship and training in the field of urbanism, as an addition to the academic programme.

Fieldworker Club reaffirms our commitment to developing and connecting young people, supplementing our Internship Programme and the Young Urbanists community. The Fieldworker Club is specifically aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students currently enrolled in any tertiary programme focussed on the built environment or cities. This could be city planning, architecture or urban design but also includes property studies, urban infrastructure and other related programmes.

The Our Future Cities Fieldworker Club will offer:

  • Paid work on an ad-hoc basis that does not conflict with any academic commitments
  • Orientation and training to build a base level of skills to conduct research and support various initiatives
  • Access to mentors and external experts, as well as networking opportunities that support the candidates professional development

Our Future Cities will select candidates in Cape Town and Durban for the 2018 academic year, from the submitted applications, who would be called on to support our research, events, digital initiatives and public engagement as the need arises. Successful candidates will need to show a passion and curiosity for how our cities, communities and spaces work and a willingness to learn.

The closing date for all applications is 12PM GMT+2 on July 13, 2018. Successful candidates will be notified by emailed letter.