80:20 Inclusionary Housing Model : FORTY ON L

How can private property developers be incentivised to add well-located, below-market rate housing to their developments?

A first in South Africa, the 80:20 Inclusionary Housing Model grants private property developers 1m² of additional bulk rights for every 1m² allocated to affordable units. Future Cape Town was commissioned by BLOK to provide research and public engagement during the creation of the model and its implementation in FORTY ON L, the model’s pilot project.

BLOK’s FORTY ON L seeks to integrate both market-priced and affordable units into the same development, an unprecedented step forward for Cape Town’s city centre.

  • Role : Research and Policy development, Public Engagement and Government Engagement
  • Status : Construction underway on open-market units, awaiting final planning permission for more-affordable units.
  • Team : BLOK (Client)

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