Project Experience

A selection of projects over the previous decade.

City / Country
2021 ICLEI Africa RISE Africa Various
2020 SA Cities Network Urban Festival Various
2020 South Africa Prosperity Fund Future Cities Commercial Benefits Scoping South Africa
2020 Bellville Invest Cape Town
2020 Urban Lime Cape Town, Durban
2019 Making the case for Affordable Accommodation in the Greater Tygerberg Arae Cape Town
2018 Florida Road : Creating a great street for all Durban
2018 Transport Project Office Cape Town
2018 Battery Park : A study of programming Cape Town
2018 #cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL-2018,19,20 Cape Town
2018 Century City Square : Reinvigorating the space Cape Town
2018 Bellville CBD : Walkability Study Cape Town
2018 Voortrekker Road Corridor Development and Investment Trends Cape Town
2018 Walkable Connected Durban Masterplan Durban
2018 Rivertown Precinct Durban Durban
2017 CITYLIFT Foreshore Freeway Plan Cape Town
2017 Church Square Cape Town
2017 Constructing Future Cities Cape Town, Durban
2017 Woodstock Precinct Cape Town
2017 Playable City Lagos Lagos
2017 FORTYONL : 80:20 Inclusionary Housing Model Cape Town
2017 Sea Point Promenade Bike Parking Cape Town
2016 Bellville CBD : Culture and Public Life Study Cape Town
2016 Regent Road Parklet Cape Town
2016 The Future of Public Space Cape Town
2016 Northeastern University Cape Town
2016 University of Botswana Cape Town
2016 Co-creating the future of housing in South Africa Cape Town
2016 Philippi Horticultural Area Studio Cape Town
2015 Sea Point Library Square Cape Town
2015 Thornhill Park Cape Town
2015 The Printing Press Project Lagos
2015 Studio Rotterdam Cape Town, Rotterdam
2014 Department of Design Cape Town
2014 Metropolist Cape Town
2014 Design, Cities and the World Cup Cape Town
2014 Design Africa Symposium Cape Town
2014 The Power of Film Cape Town, Glasgow
2014 This is Your City What Could It Be Cape Town
2013 Future Foreshore Cape Town
2013 Future Tyger Cape Town
2013 Strelka Institute : Another place: Towards the New Patterns of Cohabitation Cape Town
2012 Young Urbanists Cape Town
2012 #CityTalk Online
2012 High Street Mfuleni Cape Town
2012 Hangberg Playground Cape Town
2011 Your City Idea Cape Town