Package 1

  • CEO + 1 Senior/Specialist + 1 Junior Researcher
  • 2 Visits

This package will include 2 visits by our team which comprises : an initial 3 to 4 day visit and a follow up visit to present our recommendations. A third visit can be added if required.

Visit 1

  • Scoping meeting : Unpacking and understanding the local challenges and context, and the vision and opportunities identified by city leadership
    Presentation / Lecture : A 2 hour presentation covering tools to think about the future city and reflection on our past projects, ranging from public space improvements to new policies, pilots and masterplans
  • Site visits : Organised visits and tours to observe projects and sites
  • Workshop : An intense and focussed 1 or 2 day workshop discussing, mapping, brainstorming and creating new ideas and solutions working with your staff and teams
    Key meetings : Meetings with your city leader(s) and other key officials to understand their vision, focus areas and pressures
  • Presentation : A preliminary summary of the outcomes and early-stage insights and a discussion with you

Visit 2 and Final Report

  • In the 20-30 page final report, the overall vision co-developed will be outlined along with short, medium and long-term interventions and tools, including contacts to experts within our network that would be suitable to work with on various interventions
  • Next Steps : Identify the first few steps and processes for the short-term interventions
  • Presentation : Presenting the outcomes of the final report

Ongoing engagement

Our team will remain available for conversations and idea sharing over the 3 months that follow