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Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad?

Riding a bike is a strange thing to do: it’s not just a mode of transport; it’s an economic class you’re entering. And it is an initiation into being treated like you’re invisible, and like your rights are optional – when you’re not being physically threatened

Office space in the space age

The technology revolution, an increased emphasis on employee well-being and the quest for better value for consumers over the last ten years have led to conditions being just right for an upheaval of traditional ideas about office space. Pamela Hellig, a regular ‘telecommuter’, questions whether future cities will have a need for offices at all.

Five hour commute to Harare

A wonderful description of a Capetownian’s recent commute to Harare in Khayelitsha. Jen, the author, commuted with a Golden Arrow bus out of Cape Town and returned with a mini-bus taxi. It took her a total commuting time of 5 hours.