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Let’s get children playing in the Mother City

If children are the future, we seem to be very short-sighted when it comes to urban design. Very little, if any at all, of the current discourse on the type of cities we should be building in a democratic South Africa truly considers whether these cities will be child friendly. So how do we include children into the fabric of the city?

Cities as the cure to disease and poverty

Can a city be an inherently more healthy place?

Health, by the World Health Organisation definition, is “not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, but “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. Although often criticised, this definition is useful to broaden our perspectives and thinking on health – and urban planning.

Beijing’s Healthy Approach to Public Space

The role of public space can vary greatly from city to city, with no one right approach to its use. Culture, history and tradition may all play a role in how the space is interpreted and enjoyed. In Beijing, public space focuses on health and community, a reflection of Chinese beliefs in balance, prevention and longevity dating back thousands of years.

Healthy African Cities

Notwithstanding improvements, urban health in Africa remains a particular challenge, with 70% of urban dwellers living in informal settlements, facing multiple disease burdens. How might we move towards healthy African cities?