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Why cities make people fat and sick

The food we eat is as diverse as the cultures and lifestyles of the people consuming it. But the issues underlying food run much deeper than the whims of our cultures or palates. Until now, the subject of food security has mostly been viewed as a rural issue, with research and development work honing in on subsistence farming. But with the massive influx into cities, the focus needs to shift to the metropolis.

A refurbished garage on Bree Street

107 Bree is being redeveloped by Group 44 and expected to open for trade in April 2013. The developers are passionate about Bree as a street for design-minded people. They propose adaptive regulation of historic buildings in order to speed up urban renewal.

There’s been plenty of research into how walkable streets and neighbourhoods get more people walking. However what we’re less sure about is: Who are the people that choose to walk more? In an…

Which Types of People Choose a Walkable Lifestyle?