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Infographic: Transport Mix in Africa Cities

This is the first in a series of infographics presented by the UIU team on urban issues in Africa and the rest of the world.

Transportation is a critical issue to city dwellers across the continent, particularly in terms of public transport needs as a part of developing urban infrastructure. The transport mix in different African cities demonstrates the local economic development, public transport provision and awareness of climate change.

Future Cape Town urges a firm stand and leadership against urban sprawl

On the 2nd of May 2013, Future Cape Town hosted its first Summit on the topic of Urban Sprawl in Cape Town. This mid-morning session took place at the at the Protea Breakwater Lodge Hotel, and hosted a small gathering of local government officials, urban developers and planners, as well as academics. The aim of the Summit, in light of recent developments in the city, was to create a forum to discuss the contentious issue of urban sprawl, and formulate a way to facilitate sustainable spatial urban growth in the City.

Close to 50% vote to ‘demolish’ the Foreshore Freeways

On Friday 17 May, curious onlookers and pedestrians were drawn to a bright yellow modular box structure in the centre of Church Square in the Cape Town CBD. The structure known as the Your City Idea Project is a ballot box installation that was created to breakaway from the traditional techniques of gathering information from the public while at the same time facilitating meaningful public engagement on social and urban issues.