Urbanism Learnership and Development Programme

The Our Future Cities Urbanism Learnership and Development programme is a unique, rigorous and challenging learning experience which runs across 6 months and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The core pillars of the programme are:

  • Education: this comprises studying and engaging with a selection of reports, documents and past projects which culminates in an Assessment. Those who meet the benchmark are invited to continue for the remaining 5 months. See the full syllabus here
  • Project Experience: this entails gaining experience through exposure to a selection of projects in placemaking and public spaces, housing, planning, architecture, sustainability, mobility and community development
  • Events and Activities: Attending and participating in a wide range of activities and events including  walking and cycling, exhibitions and conferences, site visits, art projects and more
  • Skills Development: this provides an opportunity to develop technical skills in research, communication, project management, facilitation, engagement and proposal development

The Our Future Cities Urbanism Learnership and Development Programme is in its 11 year with our alumni now working around in the world in government, private sector and the NGO community.


Phase 1: Month 1 – 2

  • A 6-8 week introduction to urbanism covering areas relating to each of our 5 focus areas: This includes amongst others topics from public spaces, affordable housing, smart cities, mobility, walkability, partnership-building and communication
  • A 1-day assessment based on a selection of our past research studies and reports

Interns that score above the benchmark of 600 / 1000 will be invited to continue in the programme.

Phase 2: Month 2 to Month 6

  • Working across projects including site visits in Cape Town and possibly South Africa
  • Research, engagement and project management skills development in a selection of our projects
  • Engagement with stakeholders, project partners, clients and key leaders in urbanism

Additional Information

  • Limited positions are available and the programme is offered at no cost
  • The preferred candidates are energetic, curious and hardworking young people passionate about gaining experience in urbanism. 
  • The ideal candidate has the time and desire to explore topics related to future cities, including affordable housing, public spaces, transport and mobility, urban design, architecture, economics or a related built environment field. 
  • Please note that no academic background in urbanism, cities, design is required

Please note: Only queries directed to intern@ourfuturecities.co will be responded to.