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Young Urbanists is a community for the next generation of urbanists, founded by Rashiq Fataar, Future Cape Town and Our Future Cities. Young Urbanists are young people in their 20’s and 30’s, who have a willingness to engage with and support others in the community, share knowledge and will have an interest and passion in some of the diverse fields related to urbanism.

Throughout the year, events including field trips to sites, buildings and spaces, film nights, socials, informal lunches and dinners, job and networking opportunities are organised by members to expand connection and the potential to work together.

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We acknowledge and challenge the legacy of apartheid
We acknowledge and focus on the fact that we live and operate in a post apartheid built environment. Our work and dialogue strives to dismantle the spatial, economic and social divides created by the apartheid regime.

We strive for economic, social, environmental and spatial Justice
Young Urbanists have a holistic perspective on urbanism and believe in an inclusive city for all, not just those who can afford to participate in the urban realm. The work we do, projects we support, and events we host work towards achieving justice for all within our city.

We aim to be change agents within our contexts and professions
To be an agent of change within our context we strive to be productive and proactive, rather than reactionary; and to act as a diplomatic organisation. We recognise the potential of the position that the Young Urbanists Group holds, and as such will capitalise on this power and privilege wisely to influence change within the city.

We aim to nurture a multi-disciplinary, diverse group
The Young Urbanists is an inclusive group, open to all races, genders, and work disciplines; without prejudice or bias. We will actively work towards hosting events with topics that engage different groups, in spaces that are accessible to members across the city.

We strive to create inclusive, productive spaces for dialogue
We strive to create a space which encourages productive open dialogue, that is respectful of participants backgrounds, professions, and preferences.

We work towards co-creating innovative solutions
Engaging with finding innovative solutions – break the inertia, challenge the status quo, offer alternative development solutions Even if the solution may sometimes merely be a ‘better process’

Past Events

A selection of images from past events :

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